Meeting the increasing needs of many types of customers, the types of apartments are developing more and more diversified and plentiful. Here are 8 types of apartments that are popular today.



This is a popular type of apartment commonly found in most high-rise apartments. The basic structure of an apartment is: bedroom, living room, kitchen, and toilet.


Studio apartments often have a compact area, fully equipped

Studio are small apartments, suitable for single people. Inside the studio, there are no partitions but still ensure the basic functions: bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet area. The minimum area of ​​a Studio apartment is from 25m2, 35m2, 45m2,…

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Office-tel is an apartment with both living and office functions

Officetel apartments can handle many functions such as accommodation, hotels, offices. Each officetel has an area ranging from 25 – 50m2, suitable for small businesses or start-ups. Office-tel has a maximum term of ownership of 50 years due to its peculiarities.


Shop bases in high-rise apartments always have high value

Shophouse or commercial apartment is usually located on the podium floors of apartment buildings – is a place of business of all kinds of services – commercial, serving the needs of residents in the apartment area and visitors.The podium shophouse also has a shelf life of 50 years.


Penthouse is a luxury apartment located on the top floor of the building, has a large area, is designed and arranged in a luxurious and classy manner with large open spaces, maximizing visibility for homeowners.

In addition to functional rooms such as ordinary apartments, penthouses often have swimming pools, private gardens, serving diverse needs of homeowners.

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A Duplex apartment is a design of a penthouses apartment between at least two adjacent floors in the same building. A duplex apartment can be sandwiched between floors, not necessarily on the top floor like a penthouse. The advantage of the duplex apartment is that the area is maximized, suitable for families of many generations.


Sky Villa – The River Thu Thiem with Sky Pool

Sky Villa apartment – aerial villa – is a combination of single villa and luxury apartment located on the top floor of the building. Sky Villa owns full amenities such as private entrance and elevator, swimming pool, garden and large panorama view. In addition, Sky Villa apartments often have a cross-storey design to maximize the area and vision.



A dual key is a type of dual apartment with the same door, but the interior is divided into two separate entrances: one leading to the main room, the other leading to the smaller room. Each room has a full range of functional areas: living room, kitchen system, bathroom, private bedroom.


With the overview information shared above, hopefully you have an overview of the popular apartment lines in the market. Wish you choose the type of apartment that best suits your family and yourself.

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